2008 & dual processors?

Hi All,
Im looking to get a new laptop and wondering which is going to give me more
go-fast for cad; a dual processor 2.2Ghz machine, or a faster single
processor machine, say around 3Ghz? OS is XP though i could go up (?) to
vista if it would make things any faster. Either way the machine would have
about 2GB ram. This is mostly for 2D work, with occasional 3D, but very
little if any rendering.
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Shaun Van Poecke
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Can't help with the hardware, but I'd avoid vista if you want to make money with the box.
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Michael Bulatovich
I was under the impression programs like autocad and 3ds max work fine on vista, any reason why you suggest staying away? I was going to be making the move just after Xmas to Vista 64, but if it's that bad I prob wont.
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Remo Shiva
all kinds of compatibility problems with legacy software...I have one.
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Michael Bulatovich
I just ordered a new Gateway. They told me to go with the Vista 32 bit because the 64 has been pulled because of compatibility issues. I am in school now and learning on Autodesk Inventor Professional 2008. The book with the program lists Vista as an approved operating system.
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