ADT2005 vs. Norton System Works

Platform: Architectural Desktop 2005
2 releases ago, Autocad had a problem with Norton Anti-Virus. 2004 release
had no difficulty with same. Now, with ADT2005 it appears that Norton System
Works kills ADT features if one allows Norton to scan the registry. Autodesk
knows about the conflict and is working to find a solution. The fix is easy
but a simi royal pain ... just "Repair Registry" in *Add/Remove Programs *
. Wouldn't it be nice if Adesk folks would inform us of known
problems like this!?
Has anyone expreienced the problem with standard AutoCAD 2005 or am I just
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George B
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Hi George,
one possible solution might be to deinstall (if ever possible) the NAV-Software.
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Johannes Dressel
It is not the anti-virus this time. It is registry scan when one is checking for windows problems. There will be a fix in the future, for now I have disabled the registry scan. I wanted to know if "plain" Acad '05 has the same problem.
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George B
I have Norton System Works 2004 and AutoCAD 2005 Full. No problems with missing features, or any for that matter.
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Chris Gyotar
Looks like the seek & destroy dll files Norton's registry scan is looking for may be limited to Architectural Desktop.
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George B

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