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hi NG!
I have to create several Polyface Meshes (pface) containing a lot of points with my ARX Application. I create them with the ads_command
method. Well, their creation takes a lot of time because AutoCAD writes everything that ARX passes through the ads_command method into its console. How can I make disappear this?
Or is there a better method for creating PolyfaceMeshes? perhaps ads_entmake ....? But I didn't understand how to make PolyfaceMeshes with ads_entmake... the problem is that I get a big array of double values - three of them are the coordinates of a point of the Polyface Mesh. My actual method looks like this
ads_command (RTSTR, "_pface", RTNONE); for (int i = 0; i < arraySize; i += 3) {     ads_point pt = {array[i + 0], array[i + 1], array[i + 2]};     ads_command(RT3DPOINT, pt, RTNONE); }
so every triple of doubles in the array gets converted into a ads_point and passed to AutoCAD...
how can I make this with ads_entmake?
Thanks a lot for help!
Greetings Jonas
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