Blocks not dragging from Design Centre

Have recently installed LT2008 and find I'm not able to drag blocks into
drawing. The source path is correct, have even created a couple of new
blocks within 2008 but these dont' work either.
Am getting error message
The operation completely successfully
(C:\Autocad LT2000\aDCSymbols.arx)
which seems to be a bit of a contradiction.
Either I'm missing something or stupidly not doing something I should be
Would appreciate some help.
Luckily still have LT2000 installed
Thanks in advance
Chris Edwards

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It seems to me that maybe you need to Audit your drawing for errors. Type audit in your command prompt. Also make sure your current layer is turned on.
Just to let you know.....There is another great forum for AUTO CAD and Architectural Desktop.
It's called Tang 3D
formatting link

Check it out....You won't be dissapointed!
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