Can I unfreeze many layers at once?

I'm relatively unfamiliar with acad but must work with some fairly
large drawings which our customers send us.
I'd often like to explode a drawing which for some reason has been
saved as a single block on a layer.
I'm told I must unfreeze and turn on all layers then explode the block
to get all the objects showing on their individual layers.
Can anyone tell me the easy way to do this? Is there a group select
function for some/all layers to freeze/unfreeze/ turn on/off etc?
I also often have hundreds of instances of text and a block or crossed
lines representing an existing or proposed grade for a site
development. These are point elevations, but I have neither a "point"
nor an elevation - the block and the text are usually at zero
elevation. If I can get these into an exploded form I can use them in
Terramodel to do something useful, but I am wondering if I would be
better off learning a bit more acad and sorting them out in acad
Any comments or suggestions on how to work with these?
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Paul Turvill
Create a button with this macro. I've also got a turn ON all, unlock all, yada yada yada
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Thanks - with a little poking around I opened the Layer Properties Manager - I think I can find everything I need to do for now in there.
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Happy Trails
yes, layer manager is your friend, most of the time.
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