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Would I notice a big difference in running autocad 2012 between an i5 vs i7
processor? The difference in laptop price is about $200
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I'm thinking of buying a new system. Obviously the CPU is a big issue.
Possible choices (from Dell): . Intel Core i7 3960X ($1K) . Intel Core i7 3960X with NVIDIA Tesla C2075 ($3K total)) . Intel Xeon E5690 ($3K) . Intel Xeon E5690 + Tesla C2075 (about $6.5) . There are some "server" Xeons that are about $7K each. I'd consider these, but I couldn't buy the system from Dell then.
I want about the highest performance on one system.
The system would cost about $15K for memory, motherboard, case, graphics, disks, plus about $10K for AutoCAD, or about $25K.
This means the system price will be about $26K to about $42K (2 "server Xeons, plus 1 C2075)
I will probably get the Tesla C2075 even if it doesn't help with AutoCAD, but I don't want to go to E5600 or even more expensive Xeon's if it won't help.
Note: . I'm not considering 2 Teslas since they won't fit in any system with the other stuff that I need. . I might be . I might buy from a company that does video editing stuff instead of from Dell, but I am using the Dell pricing here just to have real price information . Even if I could split the systems and
(Pricing information estimated from:
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2011 December 04)
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