Dimensioning Help

There will be a very easy answer to this.....
For some reason Autocad is now asking me to enter the dimension text.
The dimension is then made up of individual parts.
When I try to change the point I want to dimension I can't select the
dim as a whole entity.
What settings have I inadvertantly altered??
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Thanks Roy,
'Exploding' pointed me in the right direction.
I had the 'DIMASSOC' system variable set to 0
(Using AutoCad 2006)
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why is autocad exploding your dimensions, is the question. I am on release 2000, so you may have "options" I do not have.
but I am not finding anything that automatically explodes dimensions as I draw them.
hope that helps.
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Look up dimaso. You probably have it turned off.
roy wrote:
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