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Usually I design in the middle of the screen? and sometimes I need a DXF file of a particular feature for CNC programming. When I process this DXF file in my CNC program I get a leader from the origin that is loooong. Even when I move the feature in the original drawing to the origin 0,0,0 the DXF to CNC still gives me the long leader. Any ideas please. Brian.

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I personally don't use DIM's (have no need for them and I'm not all that familiar with them)... but could there be some kind of DIM Variable (SetVar) that needs to be adjusted?

Can you save the DXF to an older AutoCAD version (like version 12) and see if that solves it?

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Perhaps this would do it:

Copy the selected part from the original drawing (not dxf).

Paste the copy into a new, clean (start from scratch, not Template) drawing.

Move the component to 0,0,0. That move depends on the base point you select.

Explode it; it will probably be a block, created in the copy/paste.

Create your dxf from that.


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If the Copy/Paste doesn't help try a WBLOCK of the portion or drawing.

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Look at your INSBASE variable - it needs to also be at 0,0,0


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