Electrical symbols wanted to ISO/IEC/BS

I'm new to the newsgroup here reasonably proficient in AutoCAD but I'm
not up on detailed standards of draughting so I am looking for the
standards on the web and Internet. Plenty of sites particularly the
standards organisations themselves seem willing to sell the standards to
me but at current level of activity my budget nowhere near stretches to
purchasing copies of the standards from the standards bodies.
I am looking for the standards for draughting I understand UK it used to
be BS 308, yes? What are the standards which supersede BS 308?
I am also looking for electrical symbols to World/European/ British
Standards (BS3939) for AutoCAD for electrical switch gear, accessories
sockets/receptacles, switches etc) cable routes, cable management
(trunking, conduits, surface clipped, cable tray etc) on general
arrangements, schematics and loop diagrams.
Do similar symbols exist for telecomms kit: ATM switches, PBXs, routers,
satellite equipment, hubs, DMSUs, MSC,s BSCs and the like?
Anything I could view the symbols on the screen before downloading them
would be preferred.
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I have the same in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD format the PDF document can be viewed / downloaded on the same page.
If you order then send me an email asking for dwg version.
Alan (Cadalot)
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It may not be what you need but
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have some IEC symbols on their free trial that you may be able to use.
Z wrote:
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