Emailing .plt files via Netscape :(

I'm unable to succesfully email a plot file using Netscape. Might there
be a "preference" or option setting in Netscape that I've over looked?
Anyone's assistance will be gratefully received. Pls email me directly;
Thx in advance, Gerry
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gerry ewert
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what is the problem?
zip it before attaching.
asked and answered here N.
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Norbert Grund
I do this frequently with no problems. Perhaps if you'd give more details (ie., error messages, a description of what the program does, whether you're sending the file inline or as an attachment) we could help more. Also, check the file size. I've never seen a limit on file size in Netscape or Mozilla, but many ISPs limit files to 3MB, sometimes less.
gerry ewert wrote:
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Martin Shoemaker

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