entering offset values with a fractional inch

I am teaching myself acad. I have v.2000 on an xp-pro machine. I have
used arris cad for years. In an effort to find this answer I have read
a lot of the Help files but haven't found an answer.
My question is: when offsetting a line, I want to enter a value with
feet, inches and fractional inch. I usually enter the value like 9'-1
1/8": there is is space between 1 and 1/8. of course acad reads this
as a CR and sets a value. How do I get the fractional value in without
resorting to decimal values? It has to be a simple solution. Is it in
the user settings? Thanks
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You are correct. It is a simple solution.
put a dash ( - ) between the inch numeral and the fraction
This is what I would type:
No need to put the ( " ) tick marks either. You knew it was easy, and it is.
PS The drawing units are set for architectural - not decimal.
WildWhiteNocho wrote:
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Janice G
Janice. Thanks so much for solution. I do have my user settings in architectural, I was beginning to think everyone must be entering values like 9.09' and were superquick at converting values from fraction to decimal. Regards,
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