FS: AUTODESK INVENTOR 10 Series - LEGAL/FULL/not upgrade/NOT education; incl. AutoCAD [upgradable to INVENTOR Pro2008 - $910 - RETAIL BOX w/LICENSE/all docs.

FS: AUTODESK INVENTOR 10 Series - LEGAL/FULL/not upgrade/NOT education;
incl. AutoCAD [upgradable to INVENTOR Pro2008 - $910 - RETAIL BOX
w/LICENSE/all docs.
Email to snipped-for-privacy@prodigy.net, if using "email reply" in Newsgroups edit
address manually to delete two strings: "SPAMNOMORE" repeated twice.
Afterwards I'll respond from home email/real name, as bogus
MarkLicetti/email are to protect privacy on public Newsgroups, do NOT reply
on Newsgroups.
Posted on Ebay
formatting link
item# 330210957249 (enter into "search"
window). Long description repeated here. Transaction must be thru Ebay if
I already received bids, if no bids then we can deal outside Ebay . IF YOU
RECEIVE an ERROR on EBAY it means paranoid Ebay removed it because I heard
they don't like software sales in general - EMAIL ME DIRECTLY IN THAT CASE
(again dont forget to remove "spamnomore" strings in my email address
inserted for spam protection).
I accept PayPal, money order, personal check requires 3 day clearance; I am
in the United States but have experience trading internationally. Amplitech
$909 + $8 for shipping. COST FAR BELOW Autodesk-direct (legal), upgradeable
to Inventor latest offering - Professional 2008 ver. This version10 does
everything 95% electro-mechnical engineers need anyway. For Windows (I
believe this ver10 first was offered in 2006?, so I'd certify for WindowsXP
but may also work fine on Windows Vista). Upon installing you may want to
update to latest ServicePacks thru Autodesk website.
NOT upgrade, NOT educational version. This is a "ver10 Series" release,
Autodesk's current marketing gibberish defines it as 'Suite" instead of
'Series", differentiating from 'Professional" release which included
automated piping, cable harnesses, etc. but it's all manageable in Series
version anyway, except not as convenient.
I am asking Ebay to examine my statement and contact Autodesk before axing
my ad and losing your profit, I REPEAT THIS IS an unused legal/licensed DVD
sealed by Autodesk being sold since we never needed this extra "seat", i am
personally using Inventor2008 Pro at work licensed to my employer, this disk
was meant for me to start my own self-employed "business" [independent
contractor] but I failed to startup a business, I paid dearly for it and I
will sell whether Ebay or not, it is LEGAL and I am LOSING money on fact.
Please send FBI agents to my house and see for yourself a new retail box.
And for those of you seeking pirated software (infested with
viruses/spyware) - do NOT contact me, sooner or later you'll be caught.
I also add free Tutorial (on CD) by prof. Sinclair which beats Autodesk's
own Help system - I personally waste a week+ with Inventor 2008 lousy Help
system before stumbling upon prof. Sinclair tutotial which made me create
parts in one evening.
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Mark Licetti
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From Autodesk.com: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Registration and Activation When you install your unlicensed Autodesk product, you are prompted to enter your serial number. When you start your product for the first time, you are prompted to enter registration information. The registration process automatically generates a request code. To receive an activation code, you can transmit the request code to Autodesk over an Internet connection or contact Autodesk by email, fax, or mail. Once the activation code has been entered, the product is fully licensed.
What happens when I request activation from Autodesk and they decline because I did not purchase it from them, do I get my money back??????
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