Help please: upgrading rel14 seats?

The firm I have just joined has a number of seats of Autocad14. They also
have a number of LT97/2000 users and I'm on Autocad2004 (being the new boy).
Ideally we need to get onto the same platform for the Autocad users soon.
I realise that Autodesk do not officially allow upgrades from rel14 any
more, but am I allowed to sell these licences and buy newer versions?
Our old Acad dealer did a great deal with us at my last firm, taking our old
rel14 licences in p/ex for some seats of Inventor5 even though the rel14 was
not technically upgradeable.
Or is there any other legal alternative?
Thanks in advance.
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Officially you are not allowed to sell the rel.14 licenses. Maybe your dealer and autodesk wil give you a discount when trading these rel.14 seats for rel.2004. The rel.2000 is upgradable until January (?), it runs out very shortly.
Contact your dealer about these facts, i'm sure if he wants to sell that he can work something out.
"JB" schreef in bericht news:boaiqr$1blm2c$
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Thanks. I'll give it a try. JB
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Ironically the AutoCAD 14 licences cannot be upgraded. The LT licences can be updated to full AutoCAD 2004 assuming the special LT to AutoCAD upgrade deal is available in your location.
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Chris D (The CAD Man)
And people wonder why customers sometimes lose patience with Autodesk! We'll try for a deal with our reseller I think. Cheers, JB
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No, nobody "wonders." We all *know* why we hate Autodesk. ___
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Paul Turvill
Too true. Unfortunately, like M$ they're the kings of the hill, they know it, and behave accordingly. I've been using Acad for the last ten years not because I *love* it, but because it's the de-facto standard. The best thing that could happen to this industry is a strong competitor to Autodesk. As it stands, we basically have a monopoly situation. We use what our clients demand, and they want AutoCAD drawings. It's that simple.
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