Intellamouse Explorer button dilema

I recently upgraded my computer to a new Dell running Win XP home.
I did this to get 2004LT upgrade.
Problem I have encountered is with my mouse however, it is a Microsoft
Intellamouse Explorer.
Unfortunately, Win XP wants new drivers for this mouse to be compatible. In
the updated drivers I have lost my functionality with the 2 'extra buttons'
I had the set for F8 (ortho) and F3 (osnap) toggles.
out of the long list of which to chose is only F1 and F5 available for those
Has anyone come up with a solution / workaround for this yet, (besides
obvious hitting those keys manually).
I got so accustomed to just clicking with my thumb and not even moving my
hand off mouse. (Was great even during command)
Brian Spillane
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Brian Spillane
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With ABI Mouse from
formatting link
you can use the extra mouse buttons for both Intellimouse and Logitech and any mouse that follows Windows standards.
You can add macros and commands using autocads own syntax and it also has a one-clikc zoom window.
ulf lagerstrom
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Ulf Lagerstrom
Does setting them in the AutoCAD menu file work? Look in the AutoCAD hlep file under "create buttons & auxiliary menus"
I have it working like this on my other computer (not here so I can't check exactly how it was done) under Windows 2000 - I don't see why this should stop working under XP though.
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Matthew Taylor
I checked out the ABI Mouse software for $19 that you mentioned. It looks like a great program for AutoCAD users and appears to be similar to the Kensington mice software that has come free with all Kensington mice for the last 10 years. I don't understand why Logitech and Microsoft omit this type of software and button flexibility from their products.
Jerry Cipriano =========================== Ulf Lagerstrom wrote:
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Jerry C.
Hey that web site was great .... I have been looking for a program to reverse the wheel zoom. It's a free arx program and I run it in 2000i LT + LT Extender. The first version of intellimouse had that as a feature but then removed. Now I can go back to zooming the natural way. Thanks
compatible. In
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