Is there a quick way to delet a dwg after opening it? organizing dwgs

I am in the process of organizing, deleting and archiving a load of
old drawings. Right now I open most drawing and take a better look
what is in it. Then if need be, I close the drawing and find that
same drawing in the acad directory and delete that drawing. This
gets very time consuming when you have a thousand drawings to go
through. I wish there was a way of opening a drawing an if I decide
it is not needed, it can be deleted with one click of a button
(without having to go through the directory again and finding that
drawing). I have autocad 2002. tx
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There is no built in command for such, but you could write a simple vba script and put it on a toolbar button.
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Tim Arheit
close the drawing and when you perfrom the open dwg. routine again, highlight the dwg. file and hit delete key when it previews in the side pane. Works for me with autocad 2002.
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