How to change order of files displayed in file open window?

I am having a problem with the way the files are displayed in the open
file window. I am using ACAD R14, runing Win98SE. The problem I am
having is that it will only display the files by the newest file, I
want it to display in A-Z order, not by the date of the file. This is
only occuring in ACAD, it is not occurring in any of my other apps. I
thought it might be a parameter that got changed by the person that
was working on this machine before me, But I have not been able to
find any information on that though. Any help in this would be
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I've never used R 14 but I am assuming it uses the standard Windows file window. Open it and put your curser in a blank spot in the window. Right click and select "arrange icons by". Click "name" and it should alphabetize the filenames.
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Yea that works, but I have to do that for every folder. I was hoping that there was some way I could make it default to that every time I wanted to open a new file.
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Windows Explorer. Highlight the drive letter. Click 'View'. Click 'Arrange icons'. Does that do it?
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B. W. Salt.
That would only work for that one time, but I finaly found something on AutoDesk's site about this, and seems to have fixed it. Here is the link to it if anyone else runs into this problem,
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Thanks to all who helped.
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