Its my night for questions.....

Is there a guide online detailing (for a newb) how to add and remove
commands from the right click menu?
Also is there a guide showing how to add and remove custom drop down menus
on the main cad screen (on the light grey, next to HELP, not drop down
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Lee Davison
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What version of what program?
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R.K. McSwain
For more than one reason, this doesn't sound like a job for a "newb".
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Michael Bulatovich
necessity to repair the software you have destroyed is a good way to learn. most of what I have learned about computers was due to similar experiences :o)
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Did the OP say that was his situation? I took it that the "newb" wanted to dive into customization. My concern was that he might be ill-informed to make choices about how he might come to use the program in future, not to mention what he might be able to do to a functional menu file.
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Michael Bulatovich

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