LISP needed: snap from

Hello everyone.
I need routine to use in IntelliCad so I would have something like
"snap from" in Acad. You know, line->from->base point->offset.
And a little tutorial on how to get it running wouldn't hurt :)
Also is there a way to get layer drop down tolbar like in AutoCad?
Thanks in advance!
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SnapFrom.lsp is a Lisp routine that provides the snap-from function missing from IntelliCAD.
This is a must have LISP, I have requested that the ITC add this function into version 5 of IntelliCAD.
Regarding the tutorial, that will be part of my e-book/ turbo-demo course that is taking a bit longer to complete then I originally thought.
You will find the LISP on my intelliCAD download page at
formatting link
Hope this helps
Alan (Cadalot)
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I already found from.lsp, but still, thanks. Don't know how I missed it. Your page was the first place I looked.
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