New CAD Home Plan Web Site - $50 each!

There is a new web site at
formatting link
offering detailed home
plans on CAD for only $50 each. They are offering a complete set of
detailed sample plans at no cost and the site includes high-resolution
renderings and schematic floor plans in GIF, DXF, DWG, and PDF format so you
can modify the plans before you purchase them.
At $50 each, you can purchase the entire portfolio of 50 plans for only
$2500 - less than the cost of what you would pay for a single custom home
plan and only 2 to 3 times more than what you would pay for a single set of
CAD files from anywhere else on the internet.
Builders, existing home design studios, or anyone considering starting a
home plan business can start here with a complete collection of homes on
CAD. High quality artwork is available so you can print your own plan book.
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Thanks a lot for trying to put us cad drafters out of work! Wonder if I can make this money flippin hamburgers?
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Brian Spillane
Hey Brian,
Not our intention at all. When desktop publishing was introduced, print shops feared that they would be put out of business. The success of service bureaus such as Kinko's, SpeedyPrint, and a host of others certainly proved otherwise.
Prospective homeowners that purchase our plans will still need to have them revised to suit their personal needs, fit their lot, and conform to local building code. We'd be happy to include your contact info on our site so our customers can reach you to have their plans customized. I don't want to appear to be spamming this newsgroup with another hypertext link but you're welcome to email us directly at if you're interested. Forget about flippin' hamburgers Brian, your services will be in high demand for the forseeable future.
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