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HiHo; Try Rhino from

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Very easy to learn and use.

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Download SketchUp from

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doesn't get any easier. It runs for 8 hours free, and most people can design a house in that time. It's also got great DWG/DXF export and import, so you can use Autocad for the detailing.

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Jim Patrick

Hi, I'm new to cad and it's probably out of my league, but, all I want to do is draw 3D wireframe cubes and add points to drag the cube to make new shapes, I build Arcade machines and would like to do the designing with a cad type program (can be a simple program I don't care), I have tried to do it on Autocad and I can't figure out how to add points to the lines or how to make it 3D, If anyone can help me here or direct me to a program to download thats not as hard to use I'd appreciate it alot......

Thank you very much!

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You say it must be AutoCAD. But SketchUp is much easier and cheaper.

But if it must be AutoCAD then you are going to require lots of training or lots of time alone with the software to learn its capabilities.

Time alone is the answer to either.

W. Kirk Crawford Rochester Hills, Michigan

Jack wrote:

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W. Kirk Crawford

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