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Who makes the CAD program that can take scanned 3 views and convert them to

3D drawings?

I need to get a good set of factory 3views converted and into AutoCaD R14.



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Hugh Prescott
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Almost all CAD programs will give you 2D drawings from 3D drawings. I know of none that will easily/or even with a lot of work give you 3D from 2D drawings. However, if you are building a scale model, a good set of 2D drawings ought to be more than sufficient to draw up a set of builder's plans. There are many programs that will convert a scanned in raster images to a vector format (all I've tried don't do this without a significant amount of work). Once in a vector format, the rest is get to 2D builder's drawings. In the third place, 3D drawings are of questionable value to build a model anyway......

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Tom Minger

No cad program can do this automatically.

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Pete Christensen

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