over rides for snap and variables

I've seen it done, can't remember exactly where or how
I want to over ride my osnap for a single pick in a lisp routine.
I know I can put "nea" in the command somewhere, but the exact syntax is
evading me.
can this be done for orthomode too?
that I have not seen.
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Roy Knapp
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I made a series of 'menu' for most osnaps, like this: [Endpoint]'osmode;1; [Midpoint]'osmode;2; [Intersec]'osmode;32; [ApparentInt]'osmode;2048; [Extension]'osmode;4096; [Center]'osmode;4; [Quadrant]'osmode;16; [Tangent]'osmode;256; [Perpend]'osmode;128; [Parallel]'osmode;8192; [Insert]'osmode;64; [Node]'osmode;8; [Nearest]'osmode;512; [all osnaps]'osmode;15359; [no osnaps]'osmode;0;
It's also possible to combine osnaps, like Endpont and Center, osmode would become 1+4=5 ('osmode;5;)
Hope it helps.
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sorry, I want it IN the lisp code. I too have a pull down menu to reset the running mode. that is what I want to over ride in the lisp.
if you want any combination, you could look up the various values and do the math, but I just type osmode on the command line after I have it set and it returns as the default the current comination, whether it's center- mid-perp or node-tangent, or whatever wackyness,,,,,,,
I found an old line of code I wrote years ago that works, (setq pt (osnap (cadr a) "nea")) but I still think I have seen it done slicker.
I just figured out the matrix for justification of MTEXT and I am having way too much fun rewriting old code with the improvements.
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Roy Knapp
Save the current settings (setq old_osmode (getvar "osmode")) then change it to whatever you like with a setvar call,(setvar "osmode" ###) do your business, then restore it with another setvar call, (setvar "osmode" old_osmode) It's all in the help.
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