Can't remember the blinkin' brand name

Hi guys,

I'm having something of a brain dead day today, and despite my best efforts and googling, i can't remember the name of the company that deals with N Gauge automatic roadway systems? You know, the one with the small metal wire you lay underneath the roadway, giving a guide to vehicles etc to follow for complete hands-off watching and operation?




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Barry Wellington-Bovis
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I'm not sure if they do N gauge stuff but Faller certainly do HO? Mike H

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Ah yes that's the one!!! Cheers!

As far as I remember, Faller don't make an N gauge one, but it is a relatively simple to job to motorize and magnet an n-gauge vehicle for use with the HO/OO sets Faller provide.

Thanks again Mike!

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Barry Wellington-Bovis

Think they do an N gauge range now, a bus being the first offering

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Faller do that in HO scale.

They used to do an (HO) slotcar roadway system until about 1980 which included an N scale bus.

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Gregory Procter

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