Raising money for charity thru AutoCAD sale

The office where I work is having a clear out and some of the things
that were going to be thrown in the bin were old copies of AutoCAD, ie
R13 + 2000LT. Those pieces of plastic would be better served raising
money for charity I thought. Having read the Autodesk license
agreement, I'm not sure I can sell the software on to raise money for
charity. OR can I?
I've seen this copy of an email, dated back in 6/17/99 from Autodesk
formatting link
being bandied about the
net and I am not sure whether it's a hoax or whether Autodesk still
uphold the contents of the email. To cherry pick from the email, it
states halfway down the email::
'Transfer of License for Non-Resale Purposes. As specified in the
Autodesk Software License Agreement, transfer of license is only
allowed when written authorization is granted by Autodesk. As a
courtesy to our customers, we have in the past and will continue in
the future to grant this authorization in specific circumstances,
which include: ..... Donations to charity'.
Has anybody sold an old AutoCAD product to raise money for charity and
if so, any advice you could pass onto me to help me in my efforts to
help a charity would be very much appreciated.. I'm really keen on
keeping this above board in the eyes of AutoDesk.
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No to which question? You can't sell Autocad to raise money for charity OR Has anybody sold an Autocad product to raise money for charity
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No you can't sell your AutoCAD software.
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Chip Harper
Thanks for the clarification.
If anybody is interested, I contacted AutoDesk about this issue and the reply I got back on 18/11/07 was:
'Unfortunately our license agreement prohibits sale of our licenses but if your company wants to donate the licenses to (name of company removed) for them to use, that would be ok. Your company then needs to fill in a Transfer of License form and send it in to Autodesk.'
The company I wanted to donate money to will have no need for Autocad software, but Autodesk's reply has given me an opening to pursue other charities who may have a need for it. So, all is not lost.
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So you're looking to get rid of old releases of AutoCAD? These old releases weren't upgraded were they? If I'm not mistaken, Autodesk says that when you upgrade the older versions are no longer licensable. You might want to get a definitive answer on this before going further.
Michael (LS)
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Michael (LS)

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