Re: Calculating dxf 10 for text

Use the same point for assoc 10 as you do for assoc 11, it will recalc
itself after entmaking...looks fine otherwise
Is there a formula for figuring location of dxf group 10 for text given
> middle center justification, width factor, height and angle or is there a
> way to create text without group 10. In addition besides group 10 do I have
> all of the necessary groups to create a piece of text with the following > code?
> (entmake (list (cons 0 "TEXT")(cons 410 (getvar "ctab"))(cons 8 (dxf 8
> entity_list))(cons 11 p_point)(cons 40 text_height)(cons 1
50 insert_angle)(cons 41 1.5)(cons 7 "RWS")(cons 72 1)(cons 73 2))) >
> Thanks
> Cliff
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John Smith
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