Re: duration of engineering design stages

For budget costs of structural steel projects you will find the solution
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Look under 'Useful Data' for details of tonnage take-off and pricing with an
example. You don't even need the other stages you discuss to arrive at a
budget cost.
Martin Double
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I have a survey on the time spent on the major stages of engineering
> design phase. The phase is compose of the following major stages: > 1. Conceptualization
> 2. Structural
> 3. Detail drafting
> 4. Material take-off and cost estimate
> I have been surfing websites yet i fail to find the standard time to
> spent on any of the stages herewith mentioned. COuld someone lead me
> to what i am looking??
> Arnel
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Thanks for th comments. Let be pecific this time. Here are the assumptions: 1. A three story building. 20 x 40 meters with 5 columns along the short side, and 9 columns along the longer side. 2. the ground floor is a bookstore, second floor is a warehouse, third floor is a body-building gym. 3. it is to e erected along the pacific earthquake belt.
how many manhours does each of the stages cosume? please neglect the architctural part of it. This i entirely all strucutural, thus, structual conceptualization, structural dsign, structural cost estimte.
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