Looking for a Polish translator with access to AutoCAD

I have some mechanical engineering drawings in English that need
translating into Polish. The drawings are in AutoCAD 2000 and the
translation needs to be done in AutoCAD. If you can do this task or
want to ask questions [e.g. if you want to see a sample drawing], can
you email me please?
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James Valentine
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Hi James
Please try our colleges in Poland. Should you have any problems contacting them directly, them contact Andy Milton at our sister company RasterTech UK
Kevin Breedveld Rastertech New Zealand
Agraf Ltd.
formatting link

Distributor details Contact person: Elzbieta Szymczak-Pijanowska Adress: Skrzywana 9 93-588 Lodz Poland Telephone: +48 42 250 312O Fax: +48 42 250 3121 Send mail: snipped-for-privacy@agraf.com.pl
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kevin breedveld

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