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Conversions from one CAD program to another are often (usually) less than smooth. A program being able to save as a different format doesn't mean much. A lot often gets lost in the translation. There is not much you can do about it other than mess around with different formats. As for printing, you can always print to PDF and plot from that. A two step process but it works.

Hello there, > > I work for a company that uses AutoCAD 2002 to do all our work. > Unfortunately we have some visiting designers that use PowerCAD on Macs. We > have tried getting the designers to export the drawings from the macs as > .DWG files, however somewhere it all goes wrong. Whilst the files always > look fine on the mac, on a PC in AutoCAD they are very blocky and don't > display or print correctly. > > If anyone has come across this problem before and can offer some advise it > would be fab. > > We also have a HP DesignJET500, and would like to print from Macs. HP says > that the printer does not support macs however there may be conversion > software available. Again if anyone can help it would be great. > > Thanks in advance > > Tim > >
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I thought PowerCAD ran on PC's?

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