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To save money, I have installed a driver for my blueprint company's plotter
on my machine and then send them plot files for printing.
They want me to configure the pens for these files to plot in monochrome.
When I hit this button within AutoCAD, it asks me something about wanting to
apply this to all layouts. I keep hitting "no" because I have no idea what
this means and I am afraid of screwing up my drawings permanently. Can
anyone explain how this works? If I say "yes" to this question, will the
pen colors just apply to this driver or will it mess up the settings on all
my layouts?
Thanks in advance,
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I have always applied to all layouts. But by the very wording of it, I would assume it allows you to change the pen weights for each layout view. So for instance you could have "Layout1" print black and "Layout2" in colour, or you could "apply to all layouts" and Layout1 and Layout2 would be the same.
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Steve Mackie

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