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I have a Canon i850 which I don't think has a printer language capable of handling pen width files (.pnt).

I can print ok but the linewidths are not where I want them. Some are too thick (white).

What would work, oother than changing line colors in Pro?


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My suggestion would be to set pen widths all to 3, for example, in with in the following options: pen1_line_weight 3 pen2_line_weight 1 pen3_line_weight 1 pen4_line_weight 2 pen5_line_weight 1 pen6_line_weight 2 pen7_line_weight 1 pen8_line_weight 3

These are the default settings but, when all set to three, you can vary them and test the effect on printing.

David Janes

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David Janes

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