Re: Printing scaled drawings on Laserjet

What version of CAD are you using? In cad 2002 I usually use a different CTB
file for each Plotter/Scale or Job I think there are about 10 to choose from
on my PC.
If you are using an older version maybe using a prototype for each scale to
be printed assigning diferent line waights to each layer? but as these
drawings are meant to be at a larger paper size this may be a lot more
hastle than its worth. Maybe it would be easier to use an all grey pen
setting so all apear in colour 8 or 9? spose it depends on what you need the
drawing for.
My drawings are simple 2D mechanical drawings done on A4-A0 templates. >
> I want to print A3 and larger drawings to my A4 LaserJet 4000, but the
> problem I have is that printing from model space, there's no option to scale
> the lineweights which makes the drawings print incorrectly.
> I have tried using a layout in paper space, placing a single A4 sized
> viewport with a scale factor to scale the drawing to fit in the viewport.
> The weird thing is that specifying the centre points for the viewport at
> exactly half the dimensions of the viewport, it appears with a small
> positive x and y offset. Is this because of the printer margin info in the
> driver?
> How can I prevent this?
> Is there an easier way to scale the lineweights? Using named or
> colour-dependant print styles appears to be one way, but means setting up
> styles for each different size/scale and would need to be correctly
> specified within a layout when printing, which seems to be a clumsy way to
> go about it.
> Surely this is not an unusual situation - I can't believe that it is this
> difficult to achieve.
> Any help/suggestions would be very gratefully received.
> --
> Jonathan Finney
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Hi Brin.
I'm using 2002, and will have to set pen colours to black anyway. This is not the problem - it's the scaling of lines that's the problem. It seems ridiculous to have to set-up plot styles for each scaling when the program has the facility to scale lineweights on the layout page setup. Unfortunately, this is greyed out when printing from model space which means setting up a layout page and this brings us back to the original problem.
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Jonathan Finney

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