Re: Remote Access

Does anyone have any *good* experience with remote access to a LAN?
> I'm trying to determine all of the security risks involved and am at
> this point thinking the best way to handle the situation would be to
> set up an ftp server with a hardware firewall on it. Is there anything
> I'm missing here? I'd like to hear any experience with ftp or direct > access.
> Thanks!
I use Remote Acces (first with NT4, now with 2KServer) with little
trouble. Our risks are limited due to the size of our firm (small).
It's Remote Access, not VPN, so without the number, a user name and
password for an account with RAS permission, access isn't possible.
The only problem I've had is the dial-up part. The limited connection
speed can be a pain when trying to transfer drawings. I use the
connection from home mainly to work on admin type things such as
programming, intranet modifications, etc. When I need to work on
drawings, I zip them first at the office, then transfer the zip across
the RAS connection.
I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to accomplish, but if you want
your users to have access to your data from outside the office, I would
think that a VPN would be your best bet. From what I understand, a
reasonably priced firewall would serve most of your security needs
(along with general network security issues on your server, of course).
In the above scenario, I don't know of any advantage to using FTP. It
would seem to me to be just one more thing to keep running/functional as
well as the issue of moving files back and forth to the FTP location on
your server. (Not to mention FTP apparently adds it's own security
concerns, as if a connected network doesn't have enough, already.)
CAUTION: I'm not a certified anything, so by all means, use caution
when digesting my drivel. And if anyone disputes anything I've said,
don't be shy. The issue is too important to leave misinformation
unchallenged. ;)
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