recommended software?

I have to make a 3D model of a piece of furniture and then to have all
its surfaces projected onto 2D (ie onto one plain). For instance, if I
have a circular cone, I'd like to get both the lateral surface (in
developed form, not just a view from one angle) and the base surface
(circle) shown in one plain. I would be most grateful if someone could
advise me which software to use for this purpose.
Thanks a lot!
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You could use AutoCAD's "section" command.
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Chris Gyotar
I didn't make myself clear :-) I don't need projections of the surfaces, but their real dimensions shown in one plain, as if you have a pyramide, then you cut it with the scissors and arrange the pieces on a table. AutoCAD has no such features.
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Have a look at
formatting link
for unfolding any 3d-surfaces Regards Jochen
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Rhino3d will do this with any 3d volume including spheres, and other shapes. Just google for the site address
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does it cover irregular shapes too? thanks for the info ;-)
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