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When I convert my AutoCad 2004 drawings to a webpage my text seems way to
small and is unreadable - so I'm looking for suggestions for text and
dimension sizes for drawings that will be published to the web.
Also any tips which people have found to aid in publishing autocad drawings
to web pages would be appreciated since I am new at this....... thanks
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this is a complicated issue. I am doing something similar, learning HTML.
you need to approach this from TWO directions at the same time. 1) how large is the space on the web page for the drawing?
this should let you figure out the scale of your cad output.
sometimes you gotta give on the amount of detail you can get at a particular scale. them's the berries. so,
2) decide how much of your drawing you can read at your selected scale.
what I am finding is that you want to write your file to PNG format. present state of the art. considering file size and quality. at least for my purposes, your detail requirements may be real different from mine.
and you are going to need somebody better at it than me.
ooh, the original question. I like my paper drawings to have text that is 1/12" high, but that is because of standards appropriate for PAPER.
on the web, browers can RESIZE you text. you don't know for sure what any given user is going to view at.
I am guessing that CONSISTENCY BETWEEN IMAGES will be more important than the precise size of text. pick something that looks comfortable to you and try to get your cad output to be of a CONSISTENT scale.
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