Need help finding relevant Google Group

Ok I know this isn't the right place to ask, but I could use a hand. I'm ne w to Google Groups so I'm not sure how to search for one that has to do wit h a topic of interest. I'm trying to help my company reduce the time it tak es to manufacture its product. Could anyone direct me to a group that might be helpful?

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OP - you've missed the important "archeological" bit that NNTP news is a protocol far predating the World Wide Web (associated with HTTP protocol - and HTML web-pages). NNTP still lives on for serious discussions like "sci.engr.joining.welding" which you have found.

You are stumbling across s.e.j.w. packaged-up as an HTML webpages (a simple script makes cheap content in hope of obtaining subscriptions etc!)

Go NNTP with an NNTP newsreader

I point my NNTP news reader at "". Gets any text newsgroups I want. Thanks folk! Appreciated.

OP - you are going to be going into a little trip into an Internet which works incredibly well on just a few hundred bytes of ASCII text.

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