Transcript of a Live Chat with Cadopia Support

Support: Welcome to CADopia Live Support service.
you: I have questions about LISP compatibility and your current product
Support: Tell me
you: Is there some documentation about the version of lisp supported?
you: Lisp is supported, right?
Support: Version of lisp ?
you: Yes.
Support: Yes CADopia support lisp programming.
you: Have you any documentation about what version is supported.
you: Lisp evolves
Support: Please tell the versions
you: Some versions have certain features, while others do not.
you: Generally the newer it is the more commands it supports
you: You still there?
Support: yes
Support: Lisp is supported in CADopia as in AutoCAD.
you: So what version?
you: Acad 2005 came with Visual Lisp 2005
you: Acad 2002 came with Visual Lisp 2000
you: Acad r14 came with Visual Lisp 14
you: You still there?
Support: CADopia is having only lisp
you: In AutoCAD if you type (ver) at the command line it'll tell you waht
version of lisp it supports
you: Do you have access to an installation of Cadopia 6?
Support: yes. Visual lisp is not supported yet.
you: Last chance...
you: What version of lisp is supported?
you: If you don't know say so.
you: ...and give me some one who does.
Support: Please hold one moment
Support: Visual lisp have version but not in lisp
you: Not true.
you: (not T)
you: That's a lisp joke.
you: tap tap tap
you: Is this thing one?
Support: lips joke
you: No *lisp* joke.
you: Tough room.
Support: lisp 2000 is suoorted.
Support: supported.
you: You have documentation for that?
Support: no
you: It's been fun. Goodbye.
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Michael Bulatovich
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That just reinforces why you need to be using AutoDesk products only!
;- >
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Michael (LS)
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better: honda
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Eventually I got this...
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 2:40 PM Subject: Re: Lisp version supported b Cadopia 6
Dear Michael,
Thanks for contacting CADopia Support.
CADopia can execute all types of lisp routines which does not have 'vl-' functions. As Visual Lisp is not supported in CADopia, it cannot process Visual Lisp functions.
So, if you lisp routines does not contain 'vl-' functions you can rightly shift to CADopia 6.
Thanks for your interest in CADopia IntelliCAD. CADopia support is available around the clock, 5 days a week. Feel free to contact us at any time.
Regards, CADopia Support CAD/SD
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Michael Bulatovich

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