UCS rotation problem

Im having a problem when using a UCS. Text has been inserted into the
drawing when in WCS. Now I change to a new UCS, and want to orient the
text at 90 degrees to this UCS. I expected to be able to just select
all the text, and change its Rotation property to 90 degrees. However,
this changes to rotation to 90 degrees with respect to the WCS, not the
UCS. Does anyone know an easy way to overcome this? Beaso..
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or make sure your ucs is setup properly, there's no reason why it shouldn't work using your new ucs unless that ucs is on the same plane (X & Y) as your wcs (X & Y).
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Remo Shiva
maybe compute what the 90 degrees in new UCS is in terms of WCS and change to that?
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