Does anyone know why sometimes wipeouts are connected to text as one (so
that when you pick the text the wipeout moves with it) and sometimes it is
separate (so if you move the text the wipeout stays in its original
position. My wipeouts were connected to the text until just recently and now
they are separate.
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Sorry I can't answer your question, but I need to know what is a "wipeout". Been drafting for 30 years, and never heard of that one. Please help me learn something.
Thanks, Rick at the Smoky Forge
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Smoky Forge
TextMask bonus/express tool utility. They're actually Groups. Take a look in the groups dialog, turn on the unnamed ones, you'll see a bunch named "*A1" or some such.......that's them.
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Basically a blank image, to 'wipe out' things underneath them. A way to clip stuff without altering it.
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Deal with 'pickstyle'. Set to 1 or 3 the wipeout is connected, when set to 0 or 2 it's not. Refer to program-help for meaning of the options.
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Thomas Proppe

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