GGG-T-563a & GG-T563b

Does anyone in this newsgroup have this docs

The docs GGG-T-563A(4) contains info regarding

Tools, Blacksmiths': Chisels, Flatters, Fullers, Set Hammers, Hardies, Bolt Heading Tools, Punches, and Swages

Also doc GGG-T-00563B(1)

Tools, Blacksmiths': Chisels, Flatters, Fullers, Hardies, Bolt Heading Tools, Punches, and Swages

I can find them on

formatting link
(but not to download)

I once had them in PDF format but they where lost

If any of you have a link or the docs in PDF format it would be a great help

Thank you


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Ordering instructions and current prices of all Federal product descriptions may be obtained by calling (202) 619-8925, by fax to (202) 619-8985, or by email to Documents can also be downloaded on the Internet with no registration required at

formatting link
click on Online Specs, click on Assist-Quick Search.

Requests for additional information or comments concerning the contents may be made in writing to the General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service, FSS Product Acquisition Center, Supply Standards Division (FLAS), Washington, DC 20406 or call Ms. Joyce C. Williams on (703) 305-5682, Fax (703) 305-6731 and E-mail

JD wrote:

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No Assist-Quick Search on page brought up by clicking Online Specs.

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