Does anyone remember this??

Back between 81 to 84 I had a model spacecraft plastic, similar in shape to an A-Wing fighter, probably 1/24 scale- it had a 2 piece pilot figure and a large clear canopy, the one feature I remember well was that it had combo rocket launcher / engine pods that attached to the sides - which were removable - possibly to be replaced with another attachment from another similar kit (?).

I don't remember who made it - but it seems like it was MRC or Revell.......really neat at the time & I've never seen another. The kit seemed to be part of a series of sci-fi kits - but like I said - I've yet to see another similar.

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I have seen that model from MRC (originally Airfix molds) in two types. The larger (1:48?) molded in black as you have said, and a smaller version (1:72

+/-?) molded in white. This version was part of something called "Star Clipper" if my faulty memory serves, and I think that it came from a Gerry Anderson Puppet show. You see them on eBay from time to time. HTH,

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I was given a built-up Star Cruiser as a kid. My Airfix catalog (the '82 issue?) also had the Star Clipper and a Flying Saucer. Also, the "parasite" fighter of the Star Cruiser was available by itself. Judging from my memory of the size of the figures, I'd say the Star Cruiser scale was about 1/48. Perhaps if the separate fighter kit was in a different scale, it could have been 1/24?


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