Does anyone make a resin 1/72 scale Norden bombsight

Looking for a bombsight for my 1/72 B-32, here is a link to some pics of it in progress

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Hi Matt,

Only thing I could find via Googlewas to use a gunsight from another kit, of which I would probably recommend the Revell B-36 seeing as it would be in same era, though I have no idea as to what the actual kit molding is like.

Another thought would be to check out resin details sets for similar aircraft (I had a quick look at Aires site, but nothing there, though there are plenty other manufacturers, I just forget there names).

Your build looks very nice also & it wou;d be good to see it once finished.

Cheers, Stephen.

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"SL" wrote in news:H%E7j.30709$

I have never really taken a good look on what a Norden bomb sight really was/is, beeing a fighter-man myself. Just Googled for some pictures and I am astonished!!!

What a very interesting and intruigingly technical looking instrument that is!!

Does anybody know what a Norden most have cost in those days? I can imagine one could buy a car or two (OR MORE) for the same amount.

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the bomb site or the vacuum cleaner?


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From this I take Norden also made (a) vacuumcleaner(s) I meant the bomb sights.

A bomb site is something completely different on its own, but could run in to considerable costs also. Sorry, couldn't help it.

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