Greetings all
With thanks to Alvin for the web space, I have pictures of stuff I've
My first 3 knives are here
formatting link

The middle one is a left hand marking knive. Number 5 is a right hand
version. Don't have a pic of no. 5 yet.
No 4 I don't have available yet either. It appears to be the bastard
child of a cleaver and machete.
No 6, 7, 8 are here
formatting link

No 6 I use as a paring knife. I really need to thin the blade a little
for that.
I have attempted one of these
formatting link

The staff for the handle is close to 5'.
I thought it would be nice to have a convient reference for tempering
colors for when someone is trying to explain what color he's got or
formatting link

And my attempt at "Alvin's shadow"
formatting link

This was taken on cooling so the dark edge has cooled, the dark oval in
the middle is currently falling through the change and the bright areas
around that have just changed.
Nos. 1 and 2 were files. The rest is 1095. The tempering colors is
5/8 round H13, which when I get to it will be hot work tools.
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r payne
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Howdy! Nice knives.Number 8,especially,..that one looks exceptional!Seems you have a darn good eye for profile and blade shape. What wood are you useing for handles?No.7 looks like oak.
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Hamma Head
The handle for no 1 came from a piece of black walnut. The other knives were all handled in maple.
I'm still working on getting the bevels where I want them, that is my biggest complaint with these.
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r payne

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