Iron Bloomery

All too cool, Michael. Thanks.
Harold (who recently downloaded IrfanView)
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Harold and Susan Vordos
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Hey, I got it to download. Pretty cool, and it gives a good idea of the labor value in a piece of iron too.
Hope to see more future successes.
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Regarding the bandwidth issue, the problem is not the

Thanks for the great explanation. I have my camera set to take images at 2048x1736 "fine" quality. That way I have HQ raw images that I burn to disc. I edit the real keepers in Photoshop down to 800x600 or whatever is appropriate. Where I went wrong is in the "save as" step. I usually save quality as 7-9 where I probably should save as 2-5. I've never paid attention as per your explanation to file sizes in relation to quality. I'll definitely experiment now!
Yes, it helped!
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