replacement part for a Kerrihard power hammer...(yes, it's a long shot)...

Hi gang,
I have an old Kerrihard power hammer. I've never used it yet (still hoping
for some shop space of my own one day), but I'm told that it worked fine.
The only visible problem is that the ram guide has a top corner that cracked
off at some point in the ancient past. Not sure if this would actually be a
problem during operation, but the ram guide is removable, and is therefore
(theoretically) replaceable.
So, the big question is, and I know that this is a looooooong shot, but has
anyone seen, or does anyone know where I could get a replacement?
Many thanks in advance,
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Patrick Kenny
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"Patrick Kenny" wrote in news:b2EPc.22208$
Is the piece cast ? If it is just take it to a foundry and have a new piece cast. Having parts cast can be suprisingly inexpensive.
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