power hammer which one???????

looking to buy a new hammer, but i live in perth west australia and it is
very hard to find any thing here .
i saw the big blu 155 looks like it will do the job
any one got some input on this one???
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Yeah stuff all in Oz.
You'll probably have to build one.
I saw one on Ebay, and it was about $800, but it was extremely heavy and I couldn't afford the delivery (and I was in the same state), and naturally I couldn't afford the divorce if I had bought it ;-)
Regards Charles (NSW)
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GDay Geoff, The BAWA in perth just got a new air hammer from "The Village Smith" in Logan Village, Qld, well according to their forum page on Iforgeiron. These are nice hammers to use, based on the ABANA design, I've used a couple of them and that work fine. From memory they run about $4000 and I know they ship to perth. look up the village smith's website and contact them if your interested.
Regards Rusty_iron Brisbane,Oz.
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Do you have a group of guys who could get together to make a bunch of power hammers?
Do a google search as follows: +"clay spencer" +"tire hammer"
At least 200 of these have been built so far, I think. Our club just built 21 of them and the builders are very enthusiastic about them.
Pete Stanaitis ----------------------------------------------
impact wrought ir> looking to buy a new hammer, but i live in perth west australia and it is
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Gday Pete, There was some talk of it, late last year, but sofar it has never even got off the ground. I'm a member of a blacksmithing group, well associate member as they meet about 500km from here, so its not really an option... actually thinking about it, it'd be worth the trip :) We don't have an active club locally, maybe we should start one?
Anyone in South East Queensland that wants to form a blacksmithing group?
I've been gathering information for the last few years, in prep for when I have a decent shed. Its now looking like the next few months, well I'm hoping anyway. this will be a lot better than the dirt floor lean-too of a shoebox that i use currently. I have a set of the ABANA airhammer plans, the old model treddle hammer plans (a friend has the new inline model that I can take pics of / drawings from...) and a set of RUSTY type plans that are on the net for free. I've been collecting pics, discussions/data/plans about these for a while so that when I have a place for them, I can build them. Infact if you look arround for a while you can get a complete set of plans for the rusty hammer just from the bits that people post about it.
Thanks for the hint on the google search, I've seen pics of his tire hammer, but as yet don't know much about it. I'll do the search now and see what i find.
Thanks again Kind regards Rusty_iron brisbane Oz
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thanks rusty have given them call see how i go hammers a so hard to get with i could just go to coles and pick one up geoff
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