Selling some power hammers

Hey anybody,
I am selling two of my power hammers. I have a 50lb and a 25 lb
little giant hammer that I will be dumping onto the auction block (ebay) end
of this week. I am in Eastern PA so if anyone wants a hammer I am looking
to sell. I will be setting the reserve at 4000 and 3000 respectively so
they arent super great deals. I just tuned both and am using them as
primary hammers till they are sold so that I can detect problems in any.
I don't mean to use this post as a selling place but I do feel a
responsability to offer them to siths before the general public. I would
much rather them be used in a shop than stuck in some collectors garage.
Let me know if your interested.

Andrew Molinaro

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Andrew Molinaro
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respectively so
Do you reckon I'd got one on the 'plane as hand luggage if I pop over
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Andrew Mawson
When Andrew Mawson put fingers to keys it was 4/3/07 8:08 AM...
If you can stick a handle on it and carry it one-handed, I'm sure no one will stand in your way. I wouldn't.
- C
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I knew a guy like that once, would have made an excellent blacksmith, but he was more interested in bench pressing engine blocks.
Regards Charles
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Bet he'd have enjoyed this atomic wrist watch
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Neon John
It's good to know that I am surrounded by a bunch of smart asses. Makes me feel at home ; )
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Andrew Molinaro
I'm glad to see your so loyal to the dark side Darth Molinaro.
Serriously though, good luck in the sale. We're all just being smart asses because we can't rub two pennies together to even think about buying those hammers with, and we know you're probably only selling them to get yourself some nicer ones. : - )
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Mountain King

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