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I think you take a piece of spring steel and bolt it to your door, and put one or more bells on the end of the spring.
Dante M> Hi,
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Grant Erwin
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I have some brass bells and would like to make a doorbell that attaches to
the inside top of a door and the bell rings when the door is opened.
Wondering if anyone has made or knows where to get info on making this
doorbell. Did some searching but came up empty
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Dante Mincin
Grant already gave you the way to do it, but I thought I would add a couple of comments. You should make it out of very thin spring steel, such as you can get out of a hacksaw blade with the teeth ground off. If you make a spring with two to three full revolutions in it, the spring will be plenty "wiggly" enough to ring the bell. If you want to make the spring shorter and stiffer, you can set it up to bump over a little projection of steel attached to the top of the door frame.
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Ron Reil
Ron and Grant,
Looks like a good start.
Thanks Dan
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Dante Mincin
Mine is mounted to the wall above the door and is bumped by the door as it opens.
The door opens against shelving, no room for a protrusion on the door.
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Carl West
Carl West Spaketh Thusly:
I've seen similar but instead of the door striking the bell, the bell is mounted on the wall (from an upside down L bracket) and the top edge of the door hits an extension on the striker - that swings back and forth so you get 2 to 4 rings per hit. I guess it would depend on how big the bell is as to the best way to do it.
-- Bill H. Member VRWC
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I've seen a setup in an old movie, it looked like a big watch spring and it was hung high over the door so that when it opened it would flick the bell.
I was out the other day, saw one crafted from an old oxygen cylinder, it was cut about 10 inches from the end, the end being the bottom, cylinder is hung upside down. May find an old tank at the junk yard. Make sure it is an Oxygen or Nitrogen cylinder (hollow), Acetylene cylinders are full of asbestos/activated charcoal and acetone. These cylinders are drawn from a single plug of steel and are really tough, hook the clacker to a spring and a string to flick when the door is open, they really sound cool, the one I saw looked like a 122 cu ft cylinder. It was the steel type, not the medical type made from Aluminum (lighter for the nurses) had a great tone.
Take care
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