A-O (American Optics) Tapers...

I am looking for an official drawing or spec sheet on a taper that isn't
listed in the Machinery Handbook and doesn't seem to exist on the
Google-search-braintrust called the Internet...
It's apparently known as the A-O (aye-ooh) taper and is short for
American Optics.
Apparently, it's a taper that has been around for 50+ years and used by
folks in the optical industry to hold specialized tooling. But because
the tooling is hand loaded in many cases (not for long if I have
something to say about it), the taper isn't all that precise.
Well... In my industry, precision is key so if a drawing(s) exist
anywhere, I'd love to compare them.
Problem is, I can't find a single one.
Any A-O taper experts out there with links to drawings?
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Joe AutoDrill
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I thought tools-n-gizmos.com might have it listed. Just looked, didn't see it.
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