A Simple personal plan for 2009

2009 can be your best year ever?or it can be your worst. The choice is
yours. The difference will be your plan and your perspective.
That?s right. The bad news in our economy can be great news for you and
your business /if /you have the right plan and the right tools to take
advantage of the circumstances. Some companies will struggle and fail in
2009 while others will take advantage of their competitors? missteps.
The choice is yours, but you need a plan. A solid, proven plan.
Now is the time to be bold and aggressive and run your hateful ass
competitors out of business once and for all!!!
opportunities like this don't come every day...
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And the plan is?
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Gunner Asch
Now is the time to be bold and aggressive and run your hateful ass competitors out of business once and for all!!!
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Do you mean "hateful, ass" competitors?
Or do you mean hateful "ass competitors" ?
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John R. Carroll
actually it didn't occur to me, glad you though it out
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I skipped the meeting, but the Memos showed that Michael wrote on Thu, 08 Jan 2009 11:24:15 -0500 in alt.machines.cnc :
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
But so was yesterday, and you didn't do anything about it then.
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-- pyotr filipivich We will drink no whiskey before its nine. It's eight fifty eight. Close enough!
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pyotr filipivich
ah wrote in news:4966c4b3$0$33698$ snipped-for-privacy@auth.newsreader.octanews.com:
That's more like a strategy.
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D Murphy
You want summa this, too?
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ah wrote in news:4966e5a8$0$67966 $ snipped-for-privacy@auth.newsreader.octanews.com:
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D Murphy
Just got a sandwich from 7-11. A pressed cuban...ymmy. A month ago they were 3.79. Now they are 4.99
Seems this is not a recession, or a depression. More of a leveling out. If your company has work you should be just fine, in fact prosper in all the cash flowing around from Governments and stimuls's. If your running a company that is fat with overhead cya.
But I think it's ok. Natual almost. We just spent 5 years becoming the most productive country again? You would think giant massive layoffs should of came a long time ago from becoming a lot more efficient fast as a workforce? Where would the auto manufacturers be if there were no unions and they were able to lay off workers at will as they automated more and more. there should proberbly be 8 people working for gm now tops...oiling robots.
The future is in Europe. Try to get european work. They have gone bonkers on this green/global warming shit and they are now outsourcing tons of manufacturing so they can pretend to be lowing emmisions. It's revived our steel industy so far.
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