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Is it possible to newsread (and write) using a web interface but not Googles? I'm here at work and can't get the powers to be to give me the access on our email server... I prefer to not to use G.

-- Bill

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Silly me. I do have access to creating a NEW news/mail account. I just can't use our companies server account. Duh! I can setup a news account using one of the several free servers. (...forest for the trees or something like that...)

-- Bill

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Well in fear of you going to the page and judging me I got the site for you. The page isn't mine, I just maintain it. There's stuff on there I don't want you thinking is mine, like the pic of obama laying in a field of weed with a chicks body and a gay pride frame around it. lol

Seriously, I make the stuff for these peoples web questions asked lol

Anyway, the site has a real good usenet reader and poster, totally anonymous. Easy to read, easy to post. It only lets you select from a few groups, this way I can stop abuse the minute it starts. If you go there and want a group added just ask. Just remember though, people using it will start to post into this group because it will be on the pulldown. I have it maxed to three crossposts.

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